[kde-artists] [Patch] Will Commit::Names for Missing Oxygen icons

Jakob Petsovits jpetso at gmx.at
Thu Jul 3 12:31:34 BST 2008

On Wednesday, 2. July 2008, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Will commit Friday
> The final patch has been posted for a while so if there are no 
> objections, I will commit it on Friday 7/04/08.

On Wednesday, 2. July 2008, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> I have not yet seen your comments on these proposed icon names:
> 	go-first-page
> 	go-previous-page
> 	go-next-page
> 	go-last-page
> 	go-previous-document
> 	go-next-document
> Considering the names and tooltips for the Standard Actions that they 
> are to be icons for, and the fact that current practice is to use 'next' 
> for 'forward' and 'previous' for 'back' in the spec (all as shown 
> below), these seem to be the obvious names for these icons.
> I have added a patch to the thread and it has been up for a while so I 
> was going to commit it on Friday if that is OK.  But, I would appreciate 
> your comment first.

My comment would go like "yeah, whatever". I'll probably take a step back also 
because I'm tired to discuss things with you, so if I don't object then it's 
obviously ok for you to commit.

That said, I'm fine with the -page icons (and have coordinated with pinheiro 
to get those into Oxygen, too). There is a real need for those, and even if 
they could also have been solved differently, the way it goes now is just as 
valid and maybe even more expressive for the user than generic "go to next 
list item" icons that I have previously proposed.

I do strongly disagree with the -document actions, because if we go on adding 
arrow icons for all kinds of actions then it will be no less confusing to the 
user than with similar icons. (Like, which arrow does what? How can you tell 
that from four different sets of arrows that don't have any specifics on what 
they do, just look differently from each other?)

As far as I remember, the DocumentBack and DocumentForward actions were added 
because they clashed with the "global" (Konqueror) ones in terms of shortcuts 
and merged menu entries. They still both do the same (go back/forward in 
history) so I'm not ok with those actions getting different icons because the 
same action should always get the same icon. It doesn't matter a lot of this 
action works on the file navigation level or on the page navigation level, 
it's still the same action.

I won't fight strongly about the go-*-document actions being reverted, because 
they won't affect the default look (pinheiro already noted that arrow icon 
proliferation in Oxygen is a no-go) and the effort of discussing that stuff 
with you is probably not worth the effort, imho.

> The thread about your request to be maintainer never seems to have been 
> finished but if that is to be your job, it is your job to comment on 
> RFCs and PATCHes such as this that include new icon names.

Yeah, I guess so. Let me ponder if I'm able to pull this through consequently, 
or if I'm going to lose motivation before long. I might not be the right 
person for taking maintainership in the end.


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