[PATCH] Unbreak global shortcuts configuration

David Faure faure at kde.org
Wed Jan 30 12:37:25 GMT 2008

On Sunday 27 January 2008, Aurélien Gâteau wrote:
> Hello,
> I announced last week I was working on the global shortcuts kcm and intended
> to post a patch this monday. Obviously I am a bit late :-), but here are
> the patches.
> The patches are against kdelibs and kdebase. I use git-svn for kdelibs and
> svn+quilt for kdebase right now, so the patches are formatted a bit
> differently, sorry about that.
> # 0_dont_loose_shortcut_on_close.diff
> This is the patch I posted to fix shortcuts disappearing when you close the
> kcm. It's not elegant, since it involves intentionally leaking the KAction
> instances so that their destructor do not delete the shortcuts. I include
> it nevertheless because the other patches are based on it. As I said in my
> previous message, it could be done in a more elegant way by adding a flag
> to KAction to disable shortcut deletion when it is deleted. Will probably
> do it.

Fixed. Are you committing the other patches today or should I?

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