Fwd: [lsb-discuss] ANNOUNCEMENT: LSB 3.2 Released

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Tue Jan 29 07:44:36 GMT 2008


Where "We" = "Qt 4".

Qt 4.2 is part of the mandatory spec now and Qt 3 is now deprecated.

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Subject: Fwd: [lsb-discuss] ANNOUNCEMENT: LSB 3.2 Released
Date: Terça 29 Janeiro 2008
From: Carlos Manuel Duclos Vergara <carlos.duclos at trolltech.com>
To: dev at trolltech.com

Hi all,

It finally happened!
We are official part of LSB :-)

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Subject: [lsb-discuss] ANNOUNCEMENT: LSB 3.2 Released
Date: Tuesday 29 January 2008
From: Jeff Licquia <jeff at licquia.org>
To: lsb-discuss <lsb-discuss at lists.linux-foundation.org>

The Linux Standard Base version 3.2 has been released.  Release notes 
are available here:


The specification itself is available here:


The test suites and SDK can be downloaded from our FTP site.  More 
information is available at:


This release of the LSB has many fixes and features, including:

  * New "trial use" modules, replacing the former "optional" modules.

  * Initial support for printing.

  * Initial support (as trial use) for ALSA.

  * Support for Perl and Python as first-class languages for Linux apps.

  * Several freedesktop.org standards, including menus and icon themes.

  * Support for the Portland project's xdg-utils as trial use.

  * Promotion of Qt 4 to a required part of the standard, and 
deprecation of Qt 3.

  * FreeType support, through both FreeType and the Xft X extension.

  * XRender support.

More details are available in the release notes.

In addition, a new certification process has been introduced in time for 
LSB 3.2.
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