Dolphin/Konqueror: Is "Keep Folders At Top" Going To Make A Comeback?

Peter Penz peter.penz at
Fri Jan 25 07:40:29 GMT 2008

On Wednesday, 23. January 2008 05:21:15 Kelly Miller wrote:
> utility), and the other was Dolphin's odd way of sorting folders.  Is
> the option to keep the folders at the top going to come back?  Having
> the folders jump to the bottom on reverse sorts just seems odd to me...

Currently there is no option like in KDE 3 for "Folders First", as this is the 
default setting. So the behavior that the folders jump to the bottom on 
reverse sorts is a bug from my point of view (added to my TODO-list now).

Generally speaking we want to provide all features that Konqueror offered in 
KDE 3 also for Konqueror in KDE 4. As the Dolphin KPart currently misses the 
possibility to turn off the "Folders First" setting, I think this should be 
added for 4.1 (at least if we get bug reports about this missing feature, I'm 
not sure whether disabling "Folders First" makes sense and if this is used at 

Best regards,

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