Should we switch from KDE_fseek to QT_FSEEK, etc. ? was: Re: [Kde-pim] kmail doesn't compile from trunk on Slackware GNU/Linux

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Thu Jan 24 16:17:29 GMT 2008

On Thursday 24 January 2008 15:04:25 Jarosław Staniek wrote:
> I guees you are compiling for 64 bits?
> Giovanni, KDE_fseek == fseek64 was a mistake and will be fixed - please
> replace that with QT_FSEEK or fseek locally in the kmail code.
> The problem is only discovered now because before nobody tried to use
> KDE_fseek.
> The question is whether we should switch to the following macros from
> qplatformdefs.h:
> etc.
> (and making many of the KDE_* macros obsolete or just aliases)
> Note 1: that the KDE_* macros were added before Qt4.
> Note 2: the kde_file.h should still be accessible for C code.

Why are we using the low-level functions in the first place? Shouldn't the 
code be using QFile?

Why do we even have C code?

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