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Enrico Ros eros.kde at
Mon Jan 21 14:10:19 GMT 2008

Hello Nicolas,
  you're showing a very nice app!

I have a question for you: is it architecturally feasible to split the 
application into a (multiplatform / multiOS) log parsing library and a 

It's because it could be really helpful to integrate the log parsing even on a 
deeper level inside the pillars of KDE (say, "solid"), since even nowadays 
many useful information from the system can only be found in logs.
This way you won't only show logs (and you do it really good in KSystemLog) 
but you will give a desktop-wide feedback to the user too.


On Monday 21 January 2008 14:48:45 Nicolas Ternisien wrote:
> Hi everybody !
> My name is Nicolas Ternisien and I'm the main (and unique ;-)
> developer of KSystemLog.
> I would like to begin the validation process of KSystemLog to join the
> main branch of KDE. I think its place could be for example kdeadmin.
> KSystemLog is a KDE Log Viewer Tool, which helps users to sort, filter
> and open multiple logs using tabs feature. It also relies on KDirWatch
> to automatically update the logs without polling therm regurlarly. A
> mode is able to display several files at a time, and those files could
> be plan, Gzipped or Bzipped.
> The following logs are supported :
>     *  System logs
>     * logs
>     * Kernel logs
>     * Authentication logs
>     * Acpid logs
>     * Cups logs
>     * Postfix logs
>     * Apache logs
>     * Samba logs
>     * Daemons logs
>     * Cron logs
>     * XSessions logs
> KSystemLog has been ported to KDE 4 and a major rewritting has been
> done during the 2007 summer.
> Unit tests are also available to check the code quality and avoid
> regression. I'm also regurlarly checking errors found in EBN.
> For more information about KSystemLog, please consult its website :
> And the Kde-apps page :
> I hope these features and the code will satisfy the KDE core
> developers team and the general quality of KDE (especially the next
> planned KDE 4.1 release)
> Regards.
> PS: l10n team : Would you please move the KSystemLog POs to the l10n
> kdereview folder. Thank you !
> Nicolas Ternisien

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