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Sat Jan 19 16:47:17 GMT 2008

Hi Rafael,

I'm not sure whether you've read my reply/concerns to your previous changes of 
kdiroperator (see attached mail), I've got no answer yet :-(

I've just tried your new patch, but it still contains the performance 
regression by generating a preview on each hovering. Beside the performance 
regression there is also a usability regression: it is not possible anymore 
to hover an item and reach the "OK" button without generating a preview from 
another accidently hovered item.

The hover code in Dolphin has been tested by users since one year already (KDE 
3 version in Kubuntu) and the feedback has been very good (pressing F11 opens 
the info place in Dolphin, maybe you can have a look on it...).

I think we should stay consistent with the hover behavior of previews -> I'd 
propose to revert the changes in kdiroperator completely and only leave the 
animation effect of kimagefilepreview (I like the effect very much).

> - Navigate to an item with keyboard: as you move, the current index preview
> is triggered.


> - Hover an element: its preview is triggered (we give more preference to
> the hover events).

Wasn't this the case before also (I mean before the previous committed patch 
of kdiroperator)?

> - Unhover the element and go to the blank part of the view: the current
> index preview is triggered again ! (if there were no current index
> selected, then the last hovered element is kept, this is specially good
> when previsualizing videos, because you can go to the control bar of it).

This would not be necessary with the old code of kdiroperator: accidently 
previews have not been generated by mouse-moves...

> - Clear selection by clicking on the blank part of the view: preview gone.

Why should someone want to clear the preview?

Please don't get me wrong: I'm open for any improvements and changes, but I 
think we should keep this consistent with the way Dolphin does previews (this 
for sure also means that I'm open to adjust Dolphins behavior to the file 
dialogs behavior). It's just that especially for the previews in Dolphin I 
did not get one single complain during the last year (counting 4808 Dolphin 
related mails [1]).

So I'd like to discuss this first again before committing :-)


[1] includes SVN commits + bug report discussions -> the real feedback for 
sure is a lot smaller...

> So the main change is that when you have a selection with current index and
> you unhover an element, the preview of the current index is triggered back.
> Anyway, I suggest you to test it in order to see it actually working.
> OK to commit ?
> Bye and thanks,
> Rafael Fernández López
> GPG Fingerprint: B9F4 4730 43F8 FFDD CC5E BA8E 724E 406E 3F01 D070

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