Dragon Player in kdereview, proposed move into kdemultimedia

Ian Monroe ian at monroe.nu
Wed Jan 16 15:39:23 GMT 2008

On Jan 16, 2008 12:43 PM, Anne-Marie Mahfouf <annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr> wrote:
> Hi Ian,
> I had a look at Dragon Player and I found that to report bugs, one sends you a
> mail. I dislike this because 1) there is no feedback for the sender (did you
> receive the mail?) and 2) there's no way to follow up on the bug/wish report.
> I find it OK for crashes like amarok does
> Can you at least register a Product on bugs.kde.org for DP?

Well yep, that would be part of moving into kdemultimedia.

> My 3 wishes after using Dragon Player:
> - volume: I did not find the slider on the right, I simply did not look there.
> Suggestion: move the time slider on bottom and out the volume slider there
> instead. No need for a volume icon. (I mistook the time slider for the volume
> one)

This has already been changed, for the reasons you list. There is now
a volume button, which opens up a vertical volume slider sidebar.

> - the Play button: the window that asks you what file you want to play is very
> annoying. Especially as I wanted simply to replay the video.
> Suggestion: play should play the opened file

I wasn't really sure which way to go on this so left it as it is and
to see if anyone had an opinion. :) So yea, when a video is over it
probably shouldn't be unloaded.

> Remark: Play Media... maybe as I am not an English native, I find "media"
> weird, like it restricts playing DVDs.

Well media is a word that encompasses all sort of stuff, not just
physical objects. But I'm certainly open to ideas.

> - Playing a sound file: could DP show the album artwork if it's present
> instead of Konqi?

We are planning to have some sort of display for when an audio file is
playing, showing various metadata. Perhaps the cover if that's
available in the file, or maybe stealing it out of Amarok.

> That's all for now, I added the doc path in the .desktop file,


> Anne-Marie

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