Increasing Lib Versioning

Allen Winter winter at
Tue Jan 15 03:18:32 GMT 2008

On Monday 14 January 2008 15:24:03 Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> On Sunday 13 January 2008, Matt Rogers wrote:
> ...
> > If they don't use it, then perhaps it's for a reason. I'm against
> > just going to change everything in trunk (or trunk/KDE even) to use
> > the GENERIC versioning.
> >
I guess this means I should keep my hands off kopete??
In any event, there are very very few cases where GENERIC versioning
is not used. So far I only see okular, kopete, and gwenview.
And Pino already told me he will maintain lib versioning in okular himself.

> > I am ok with bumping the version numbers though.
I'll bump the version numbers one of these Mondays.
Nag me if I forget.


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