[PATCH] Improvements to flat group box look in Oxygen style

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jan 15 02:21:37 GMT 2008

Robert Knight wrote:
>> But why have you removed the rules?
> I think the flat black line on its own looks out of place with the
> rest of the style which uses soft edges everywhere, and that the bold
> text with indentation is a clear delimiter.  I could try a different
> line style and see what it looks like.
> You're right about the inconsistency, but then again there aren't
> really any guides on when to use which style, and the dialog featured
> in the screenshots was designed with this particular group box look in
> mind.

Sorry for the late reply. My initial reaction to this when I first 
noticed it is eventually I would like flat groupboxes to actually look 
like regular groupboxes without the rest of the frame... that is, use 
divider ("sunken") lines (either above, or better I think on either side 
of) with centered text.

I do think the font should be the same for both types of groupboxes.

Hey! Where's the witty punchline?
(with apologies to Hostess)

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