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Matt Rogers mattr at
Mon Jan 14 17:39:41 GMT 2008

On Jan 14, 2008, at 7:50 AM, Randy Kramer wrote:

> On Sunday 13 January 2008 05:24 pm, Matt Rogers wrote:
>>  Why
>> continue allowing people to think that bugs in arts might stand any
>> chance of getting fixed?
> But why not maintain the information about arts so that if someone,  
> currently
> not a developer, wants to consider using it and wants to judge the
> "condition" of the code, which would seem to at least partially  
> depend on the
> open bugs against it?

I don't intend to remove any information about arts from Closing bugs is totally different from deleting the  
data that's there. I am _NOT_ deleting any data, simply closing the  
arts bugs so that people don't waste time on sometime it doesn't make  
sense to waste time on.

> Maybe arts is a special case in some sense because it's not quite a  
> ("normal")
> end-user application?  (I mean, I could possibly buy that argument,  
> but other
> than that you have a piece of open source code that could be (legally)
> adapted by someone else, you have a body of information about that  
> code (the
> relevant entries in bugzilla), and you are considering destroying  
> that.
> What is the replacement for arts?  Is there no one who is going to be
> constrained to continue to use arts for some reason (hardware  
> resources?)?
> Is the replacement for arts going to be faster, more efficient, and  
> a smaller
> footprint than arts?

The replacement for arts is phonon.

> What about extracting those bugs from the current bugzilla and either
> archiving them in a compressed file, or, even better, a bugzilla  
> (perhaps
> also in a compressed file) that includes only the bugs for arts?
> Randy Kramer
> PS: I'll stop crusading against deleting arts bugs from bugzilla  
> (unless I
> come up with some argument that hasn't been mentioned so far, or,  
> if, for
> example, you decide not to delete those bugs, but sometime in the  
> future,
> someone else raises the subject again).

Then you can stop crusading, since i'm not deleting anything.

> I do think having this discussion on a moderated list makes it feel  
> like it is
> not quite free software.

That's your own issue then, IMHO. All KDE lists are moderated to some  
degree. Some (like kde-core-devel) are moderated more than others.   
The moderation is there to keep the list mostly on topic.

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