[PATCH] Multi-Protocol IO-Slave

nf2 nf2 at scheinwelt.at
Sun Jan 13 19:34:10 GMT 2008

Jeff Mitchell wrote:
> On Sunday 13 January 2008, nf2 wrote:
>> And please don't try to "just" fix this issue with a shared
>> authentication caching service. Having multiple VFS systems is a
>> disaster (maintenance and code duplication). You can't introduce new
>> protocols without writing everything twice and you always have to make
>> sure that the list of installed handlers and their behavior is aligned.
> Which is exactly why it'd be nice if they'd help develop KIO further (for 
> instance helping to abstract it to make it more easily generalized) instead 
> of going to an entirely new system and needing to rewrite everything again.  
> That was my point.  During the last two years with KDE4 under development 
> would have been the perfect time to do this, instead of spending that time 
> writing something completely new.

Oh well - unfortunately there is a really unlucky tradition on both 
sides not to touch, nor even look at the other projects code. Feels a 
bit like cold-war: Xdg standards were the maximum to get for 
interoperability. Arms control agreements ;-). Common code? - no way.

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