[PATCH] Multi-Protocol IO-Slave

Jeff Mitchell kde-dev at emailgoeshere.com
Sun Jan 13 17:45:25 GMT 2008

On Sunday 13 January 2008, nf2 wrote:
> And please don't try to "just" fix this issue with a shared
> authentication caching service. Having multiple VFS systems is a
> disaster (maintenance and code duplication). You can't introduce new
> protocols without writing everything twice and you always have to make
> sure that the list of installed handlers and their behavior is aligned.

Which is exactly why it'd be nice if they'd help develop KIO further (for 
instance helping to abstract it to make it more easily generalized) instead 
of going to an entirely new system and needing to rewrite everything again.  
That was my point.  During the last two years with KDE4 under development 
would have been the perfect time to do this, instead of spending that time 
writing something completely new.


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