2 Dolphin problems

Peter Penz peter.penz at gmx.at
Fri Jan 4 08:42:54 GMT 2008

Hi Eugene,

> Hi, hope this is the right place to post this to.

Thanks for the bug-report, but kde-core-devel is not the right place for posting such minor application bugs. Please use bugs.kde.org instead, so that we can keep track of such issues... For general discussions about KDE file management please use kfm-devel at kde.org

> I have found two bugs in Dolphin.

It's important to know which Dolphin version you are using, I assume you use the RC2 release?

> Both have to do with folder icons.
> 1) the first time when trying to set the icon, the icon selection dialog
> is empty.

I currently have no access to my KDE4 environment, but this has been fixed already as far as I remember.


Best regards,

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