[PATCH] Drag And Drop bug in K3ListView

Roman Jarosz kedgedev at centrum.cz
Tue Jan 1 15:18:13 GMT 2008


I've found a bug in drag&drop code in K3ListView.

The problem is visible in Kopete. If we start a drag, then K3ListView::contentsDragEnterEvent is called and a drag enter event is only accepted if acceptDrag return true. But in Kopete, when we start the drag the acceptDrag always returns false, because we can't drop to the same group in contact list and since the drag enter event wasn't accepted in contentsDragEnterEvent, the contentsDragMoveEvent is never emitted and we cannot control the drag.

Below is a patch that fixes this bug. I've looked at Q3ListView, Q3Table and Q3IconView code and it's always accepted there.

Can I commit this fix or should I override the contentsDragEnterEvent in Kopete listview?

Roman Jarosz

P.S. I sent it first to kde-devel by mistake.

Index: kdelibs/kde3support/kdeui/k3listview.cpp
--- kdelibs/kde3support/kdeui/k3listview.cpp    (revision 754272)
+++ kdelibs/kde3support/kdeui/k3listview.cpp    (working copy)
@@ -1275,8 +1275,7 @@

void K3ListView::contentsDragEnterEvent(QDragEnterEvent *event)
-  if (acceptDrag (event))
-    event->accept();
+  event->accept();

void K3ListView::contentsContextMenuEvent( QContextMenuEvent *event )

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