Making KCoreConfigSkeleton::useDefaults() virtual

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Tue Jan 1 10:41:44 GMT 2008

On 31.12.07 17:50:07, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> Hi,
> I know 4 days to the release tagging, BiC changes have long been done
> with and stuff. 
> Unfortunately I just now looked again deeper into KDevelop's project
> configuration stuff due to a bug in the cmake plugins usage of it.
> What I found is that KCoreConfigSkeleton::useDefaults advertises itself
> as being overrideable and should be overridden in subclasses if special
> cases are needed an usrUseDefaults is not enough. This is the case for
> KDevelop. 
> Thus I'd like to make that function virtual ASAP. Its SC and no
> didn't find any code that subclasses and overrides
> useDefaults currently so no code is affected by that change.
> How are my chances?

Before I forget it, I'm going to have no internet connection (or only
once a day or something like that) the next 4 days (starting in a few
hours). So if there are a few more non-objecting commits, please someone
commit the attached patch. Thanks.


You have no real enemies.
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Index: kdecore/config/kcoreconfigskeleton.h
--- kdecore/config/kcoreconfigskeleton.h	(Revision 754579)
+++ kdecore/config/kcoreconfigskeleton.h	(Arbeitskopie)
@@ -1297,7 +1297,7 @@
    *          false to make it reflect the actual values.
    * @return The state prior to this call
-  bool useDefaults(bool b);
+  virtual bool useDefaults(bool b);

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