Removing settings:/ ioslave ?

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Wed Jan 2 23:32:52 GMT 2008

Hi, as of now, settings:/ ioslave it is not working, if you look at its code, 
the listings of the settings:/ ioslave comes from the contents built at 
buildsycoca state of what it is defined in the Settings/ submenu entry 
defined by

The problem is that right now, kcm entries are not Type=Application anymore, 
they are now Type=Service so they are not taken into account in menu building 
time so what you get in settings:/ is the KDE3 kcm if you have any or nothing 

Actually i think that the current state is "unfixable" because the only way of 
fixing settings:/ that i can think of is basically rewriting it not to use 
the Settings/ menu defined in and instead using whatever 
systemsettings does to get the categories and kcm, but that is too much for 1 
day we have until the tagging.

So basically i'm requesting for permission to remove it and for a suggestion 
of what to do with the nice settings:/ link we have in konqueror start page.


P.S: This is all based on my and Rafael (ereslibre) understanding of the code, 
that can be totally wrong and might be easily fixable, but this is the best 
we could do while trying to understand kio_settings

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