[PATCH] Improvements to flat group box look in Oxygen style

Robert Knight robertknight at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 22:05:26 GMT 2008


The 'Edit Profile' dialog in Konsole uses group boxes to divide each
page up into sections.  The group boxes are drawn with flat frames to
avoid the visual clutter that comes from having a frame the whole way
around and also because the frames sit in a single column, so only
horizontal dividers between each row are required.

Currently the Oxygen style uses the simple KStyle default which just
paints a flat line above the group box title which does not look very
nice.  The attached patch changes the rendering of flat group boxes,
leaving other group boxes as before:

- Use bold text for label font
- Draw label on the left
- Add additional indentation on the left
- Do not draw any divider lines

The effect is very similar to the 'Cleanlooks' style which ships with
Qt 4.  Comments?

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