Fwd: [CMake] cmake 2.4.8 RC 9

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Wed Jan 2 16:11:39 GMT 2008


it would be nice if somebody besides me could give CMake 2.4.8 RC9 a try.
This will be the last CMake 2.4.x release and as such it would really suck if 
it would have a problem building KDE 4.
I tested it on my machine and I didn't notice any problems (actually there 
also shouldn't be any problems).

So please give it a try and let me know ASAP if it doesn't work (also if it 
does work).

The CMake 2.4.8 release is somewhat important for us since it actually makes 
KDEDIRS handling work in order to find kde4-config.


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Subject: [CMake] cmake 2.4.8 RC 9
Date: Monday 31 December 2007
From: Bill Hoffman <bill.hoffman at kitware.com>
To: cmake at cmake.org

I have a new beta release for 2.4.8 ready for cmake.  This will be the 
last  release of the 2.4.X branch.  The next release will be 2.6.0.  So,
please make sure you test it if you are interested in a 2.4.8.  Send any
issues to me or the cmake list.  Thanks.

The files can be found here:


The changes from 2.4.7 are as follows:
Changes in CMake 2.4.8 RC 9
* add some descriptive text to the mac installer

Changes in CMake 2.4.8 RC 8
* Add ability to select install location for mac
* Add list(FIND) because it is used in new FindQt4.cmake

Changes in CMake 2.4.8 RC 7
* Fix tar long file path issue with cpack
* Add beta support for VS 9
* Fix variable name in docs for FindPkgConfig bug 5722
* Fix for bug 5645 ifort bad pic flag on linux

Changes in CMake 2.4.8 RC 6
* Fix for bug 6006 INSTALL DIRECTORY signature problem
* Update FindQt4 from CVS Head for many bug fixes
* Fix bug 5638 CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX not working on SunOS with CC
* Fix bug 6117 FindPkgConfig can run twice now
* Fix bug 6124 touch.exe was required for fortran

Changes in CMake 2.4.8 RC 5
* Fix bug 6106 FindPerlLibs.cmake missing escaped $
* Allow NODEFAULTLIBS to have more than one value bug 5455
* Suppress regeneration of makefiles during try compile avoid infinite
   loop in trycompile with some vs 2005 builds.
* Rest of Fix for fix 5363, removes warning on vs 6
* Allow for debug libraries in InstallRequiredSystemLibraries.cmake for vs8
* Fix for bug 4605 JavaEmbedding.framework should not be used.

Changes in CMake 2.4.8 RC 4
* fix for cpack and messing up PATH with NSIS

Changes in CMake 2.4.8 RC 3
   returns value containing $(OutDir)
* Better error from ctest if nightly time not set
* Fix for exception handling flags in VS 2003 and up
* Avoid relinking exclude-from-all directory targets before install

Changes in CMake 2.4.8 RC 2
* fix for bug 5590 relative paths in windows not working across drives
* fix warning/error with TAR_VERBOSE flag

Changes in CMake 2.4.8 RC 1
* Fix for kde4-config location
* Fix for self extracting .sh files on solaris
* Remove KDE3_ENABLE_FINAL (did not work)
* KDE3 fix for 64 bit location of plugins
* mark PYTHON_EXECUTABLE as advanced
* Fix for version numbers on NetBSD
* Add more search directories (install prefix and cmake location)
* include WindowsPaths in Windows.cmake not just Windows-cl.cmake
* documentation fix for file, find_package, try_run
* add IS_ABSOLUTE to if
* INSTALL() everything which doesn't have a COMPONENT set, is assigned
   to the COMPONENT "Unspecified"
* make #cmakedefine output match autoconf when undefined
* document cmake remove -f
* document order of -D and -P
* add support for DragonFly and GNU hurd
* fix for fortran depends doing too many scans
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