changing the parent of a KConfigGroup

Matt Rogers mattr at
Wed Jan 2 13:01:17 GMT 2008

On Wednesday 02 January 2008 01:11:57 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Tuesday 01 January 2008, kde.braxton at wrote:
> > ok, this is just a quick try. it removes the caveat about reparenting
> > to a different file, and actually copies the entries in the entryMap.
> > it needs a test or two to make  sure it's doing what it's supposed to
> > do.
> cool; i actually had to hack in what copyTo does to fix another issue just
> today. of course, since i had to do it using the public API it's not great.
> so i'd love to see this all go in if it does indeed work properly which, on
> first read anyways, it seems to.

there are unit tests for kconfig already in kdecore/tests. You could add more 
tests and then know for sure. :)

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