Pam services install and cmake

Vincenzo Di Massa at
Tue Feb 26 21:08:57 GMT 2008

this is my very first email to core-devel.
But I'm reading the list since 2006.

The attached patch is an attempt to make pam services installed even when a 
non root install is done. The pam config script goes to $KDEDIR/etc/pam.d/. 
It can be useful to have it there: you may want to copy it in /etc/pam.d/, 
enabling you to e.g. unlock the screensaver :-)

In order to enable the the new behavior there is an advanced CMake option: 

Another side effect of the patch is that it tries to honor DESTDIR when 

One question, why are we installing the permissive (the -np) service config 

I talked a little to ossi about this patch before i wrote the code.

Vincenzo Di Massa
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