Prevent (kde-)apps from filling up ~

Sven Burmeister sven.burmeister at
Wed Feb 27 11:04:21 GMT 2008

Hello everyone!

Strigi/Nepomuk will currently fill-up ~ until there is no more space left, 
which causes issues when logging into KDE, starting apps or downloading 
email. Same applies to any app using .thumbnails, which just gets filled and 
never cleaned up. (Of what use are thumbnails that are 3 years old or of 
files that do not exist anymore?)

Anyway, knowing how much space is left on ~ might be interesting to other 
applications as well. Hence, would it make sense to have a central 
kded-module that checks for available space left and that a user can 
configure in terms of a limit and whether to be notified about space running 

Applications could talk to that module in order to know whether it is ok, to 
continue filling up ~ and when to stop.

opensuse has a notification-mechanism in KDE3, which is really basic, since it 
measures space left in %, which is rather useless, and cannot be configured, 
but it is a start.


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