Vision for Keyboard Shortcuts Dialog

Michael Jansen kde at
Sun Feb 24 14:34:12 GMT 2008

> > a. Currently you set a shortcut and its effective immedietly. Say you
> > assign M eta+L to "minimize window". It works without commiting or
> > applying or whatever right after you assigned it. Is this the desired
> > intended behaviour? If yes it must be clear that at most we can offer a
> > "undo" functionality. If the dialog crashes your changes are active.
>  I think this is the actual problem - our configuration dialogs are not
> instant-apply, so this one should not be either. But I don't know how
> difficult that would be the way it's now done with the kded module.

I guess that dialog could be changed to be not instant-apply. But that would m
ake it much more difficult. I do not think it's worth the trouble.

I fixed the apply/discard behaviour for the dialog. With the difference of ins
tant-apply everything work like in other dialogs. I thinks that's good enough.

We even can argue this is a feature. After setting some global shortcuts you a
re instantly able to test them and only THEN you have to decide whether to app
ly or discard. I think that's neat.

> > b. Should there be a undo or discard functionality. The easiest would be
> > to re move it. You change a shortcut it's active. You want to undo your
> > changes. Do it yourself.
> >
> > c. What is with the key schema functionality. Was it stripped
> > intentionally? O r was there not enough time to port / reimplement it?
>  Given that IIRC the configuration module was hacked up quickly soon before
> 4.0.0 release, it's probably safer to assume that nothing was stripped
> intentionally.

As i wrote i would like to bring all those features back. But need some input. 
If i do not get that input i most likely revert my deleting of those obsolete 
files and the change by bmeyer deleting that commandshortcuts. Then everything 
is there for someone else to pickup.


Michael Jansen

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