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Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Sun Feb 24 11:58:20 GMT 2008

On Ășt 19. Ășnora 2008, Michael Jansen wrote:
> Hi
> I'm currently trying to fix the apply/discard behaviour of the
> "systemsettings " -> "Keyboard&Mouse" -> "Keyboard Shortcuts" dialog.
> There are some problems:
> 1. Change a shortcut and click on close. The dialog tells you "[...]. Do
> you w ant to apply the changes or discard them?". That's wrong. The changes
> are acti ve. The real question should be do you want to undo the changes.
> I'm not firm enough to tell if this should be changed or is acceptable.
> I know where the problems are. I'm just not sure if i should fix these undo
> ve haviour or just strip the dialog of this functionality. And i'm not sure
> if th is dialog is the way it should be. So before i fix something i want
> to know ho w it should work. So these are my questions how
> a. Currently you set a shortcut and its effective immedietly. Say you
> assign M eta+L to "minimize window". It works without commiting or applying
> or whatever right after you assigned it. Is this the desired intended
> behaviour? If yes it must be clear that at most we can offer a "undo"
> functionality. If the dialog crashes your changes are active.

 I think this is the actual problem - our configuration dialogs are not 
instant-apply, so this one should not be either. But I don't know how 
difficult that would be the way it's now done with the kded module.

> b. Should there be a undo or discard functionality. The easiest would be to
> re move it. You change a shortcut it's active. You want to undo your
> changes. Do it yourself.
> c. What is with the key schema functionality. Was it stripped
> intentionally? O r was there not enough time to port / reimplement it?

 Given that IIRC the configuration module was hacked up quickly soon before 
4.0.0 release, it's probably safer to assume that nothing was stripped 

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