KFadeWidgetEffect bugfix

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Thu Feb 21 14:55:16 GMT 2008


> Please keep the comma where it was (I would've liked to specify that in the
> coding style guidelines, but for brevity it was omitted).

Yup, have no problem with that.

> Did you notice the Q_ASSERT a few lines down? If destWidget were 0 it would
> abort() (in a debug build). There must be a different problem you're
> looking for.

If you run systemsettings, is not about not having a parentWidget(), is about 
it _has_ a parentWidget, but when the kcm's are being loaded you see all 
titles on the left top corner of the window, what is pretty ugly.

As the widget developer user, I'd like to know who the parent is, maybe

MyWidget(QWidget *parent)
	: QWidget(parent->parent());

I really think is better to do it as the patch does:

MyWidget(QWidget *parent)
	: QWidget(parent)

> Uhm, what if this deleteLater gets carried out before start() gets called?
> Better move the deleteLater into start().
> >  }
> >  
> >  KFadeWidgetEffect::~KFadeWidgetEffect()


Patch attached. Matthias is this OK to commit ?

Rafael Fernández López

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