KDE4 Vision Document

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Thu Feb 21 13:12:40 GMT 2008

On Wednesday 20 February 2008 19:33:09 Celeste Lyn Paul wrote:
> Is there a formal KDE4 Vision statement anywhere?  I know there have been
> various blog posts and pages about the direction of KDE4, but I don't
> remember ever finding a formal Vision/Concept of Operation statement.
> Having and maintaining this document (I assume in techbase?  where else
> would it go?) is extremely important for all contributors.  Having this
> document is a necessary first step before backfilling on any user research
> and usability work in the future.

Currently available resources:
[1] Goals and Suggestions, pre-KDE4.0

[2] Release Goals for KDE 4.1

[3] Links to many other KDE4.0 and KDE4.1 Release Team docs

A real vision doc would be wonderful.


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