[xdg-draft] JobViewServer

Jakob Petsovits jpetso at gmx.at
Wed Feb 20 21:50:52 GMT 2008

On Wednesday, 20. February 2008, Rafael Fernández López wrote:
> - void setTotalAmount(uint64 amount, string unit)
> Informs about the total amount of work the job has to do. unit for instance
> could be "Mb" when downloading a file, "Contacts" when importing contacts
> on a instant messaging app. amount is the number of total elements to
> process. unit parameter should not contain whitespaces at the beginning or
> at the end.
> - void setProcessedAmount(uint64 amount, string unit)
> Sets the amount of already processed elements. Parameters have the same
> effect as on the previous call.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I could imagine that passing just a string as unit is 
going to be difficult for translators for languages with a lot of plural 

For definitely correct translatability, you need to run it through some i18n 
function, which is kinda impossible server-side. So, how about not passing 
the unit ("Mb", "Contacts") but the whole string ("3.5 Mb", "1 Contact") as 
second parameter, and displaying that one as is?

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