[RFC][PATCH] split kutils -> {kprintutils,kcmutils}

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Wed Feb 20 17:49:01 GMT 2008

On Wednesday 20 February 2008, Marc Mutz wrote:
> Hi,
> [please CC me on replies, if you want me to see them - thanks]
> Currently, the only reason kutils links against kparts and therefore kio is
> that it contains kprintpreview.cpp. All the rest is fine with just kdeui.
> I hate situations where you have to drag along lots of libraries that you
> don't use. What's more: for kleopatra-standalone (part of upcoming
> gpg4win-2), it's downright unacceptable, since we need to keep the download
> size as small as possible.
> So, here's a patch to split kutils into
>    1-> kcmutils : kdeui
>    2-> kprintutils : kparts
> kutils is retained with a dummy.cpp, linking against both new libs, for
> compatibility with 4.0. This works on ELF, and 4.0 wasn't released on
> Windows and Mac, so it won't be a problem there. That leaves non-ELF Unix
> platforms. Does this trick work there, too?

I don't think there are more people using KDE4 on these UNIX platforms than 
e.g. on OSX or Windows. So if we don't care about these two, do we have to 
care about the others ?
Actually I think if somebody would have tried to build KDE4 and AIX or HP-UX 
we would have received some emails because of build problems.


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