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Wed Feb 20 17:45:38 GMT 2008

On Saturday 09 February 2008, Robert Knight wrote:
> Hi,
> > Nothing against this class, but there is a really important regression in
> > the optimization part.
> I agree.  Cross-fading large images is an expensive operation.  I
> would like to be corrected, but I don't think I have seen a really
> fast software implementation.  Bear in mind that the size of the area
> being cross-faded here could be over 1000^2 pixels.

Could be, but never should be. The animation class was meant for small areas, 
in order to catch a little more attention to a change that could otherwise go 
unnoticed to the user.

> Mathias, I really don't think transition effects are what you should
> be focusing on in the sound setup dialog.

Well, I still do work on things that I have fun working on. Sorry if that 
doesn't always map to the most important todo list items.

> It has more basic problems 
> to deal with, I made a quick summary of some of them in this comment
> on your journal:

In case you have not noticed I actually do work on these issues.
Some of them are long solved:
- The device name issue is already solved (since 4.0.0) but just needs your 
involvement (first point on
- Devices that don't work are not shown or shown disabled (depending on 
whether they ever worked before).
- If you plug in a USB device it is added to the list and kept even if you 
unplug it again (since a long time already).
- How do you suggest to hide the Backend tab even more? Dialog in a dialog?

> I don't quite get what problem the transition effects are trying to
> address from a UI point of view.  If they are just there to look
> pretty then that's fine, but they have to fast.

Looking pretty is one thing. Catching attention to a potentially minimal UI 
change is the more important problem I wanted to solve.

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