Vision for Keyboard Shortcuts Dialog

Michael Jansen info at
Tue Feb 19 10:56:11 GMT 2008


I'm currently trying to fix the apply/discard behaviour of the "systemsettings
" -> "Keyboard&Mouse" -> "Keyboard Shortcuts" dialog.

There are some problems:

1. Change a shortcut and click on close. The dialog tells you "[...]. Do you w
ant to apply the changes or discard them?". That's wrong. The changes are acti
ve. The real question should be do you want to undo the changes. I'm not firm 
enough to tell if this should be changed or is acceptable.

2. Change a shortcut. Close the dialog. The dialog tells you "[...]. Do you wa
nt to apply the changes or discard them?". Select discard. Go back. You're cha
nge is still active. I can fix this bug easily. But after that there is: 

3. Change a shortcut. Switch component. Close the dialog. The dialog tells you 
"[...]. Do you want to apply the changes or discard them?". Select discard. Go 
back. You're change is still active. This one is not so easy to fix. 

I know where the problems are. I'm just not sure if i should fix these undo ve
haviour or just strip the dialog of this functionality. And i'm not sure if th
is dialog is the way it should be. So before i fix something i want to know ho
w it should work. So these are my questions how 

a. Currently you set a shortcut and its effective immedietly. Say you assign M
eta+L to "minimize window". It works without commiting or applying or whatever 
right after you assigned it. Is this the desired intended behaviour? If yes it 
must be clear that at most we can offer a "undo" functionality. If the dialog 
crashes your changes are active.

b. Should there be a undo or discard functionality. The easiest would be to re
move it. You change a shortcut it's active. You want to undo your changes. Do 
it yourself.

c. What is with the key schema functionality. Was it stripped intentionally? O
r was there not enough time to port / reimplement it?

A last word. I know there are some additional bugs in this dialog. Some core d
umps, assertion failures and a dialog pops up twice when you try to steal a gl
obal shortcut.

Michael Jansen 

PS. Why does my spell checking not work in kde4 kmail?
PPS. And why does it wrapping in the middle of words?

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