Reporting printing bugs

David Johnson david at
Mon Feb 18 19:07:55 GMT 2008

On Monday 18 February 2008 03:48:11 am Sven Burmeister wrote:
> Sure, but code is different to information.
> Would it be possible to set-up a site at techbase where you list the basic
> info needed and how to get it. I think that would help users to supply
> useful bug reports and not have to deal with bug reporting outside bko.

* What program has the problem?
* Do any other programs have the same problem?
* What version of the program are you using?
* What version of KDE are you using?
* If possible, provide a stack trace.
* Does the same problem happen on other systems?

But the most important (to me):

* Provide short step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the problem.
* Does the problem happen every time, or just some of the time, or did it only 
happen once?

David Johnson

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