[PATCH] Animations enable/disable system wide

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Fri Feb 15 21:21:41 GMT 2008


I thought in this case (KFileItemDelegate) that file coding style has more prior
ity than kdelibs coding style. I can add the braces as techbase says for kdelibs
, but it will be different than in the rest of the file.

I have located other examples in my patch where this should be followed, so in t
hose places I have fixed it.

> missing {}s (even on one-liners) as per the kdelibs coding style:
> +    if (!KGlobalSettings::animationsEnabled())
> +        return NULL;
> what's the intended purpose of
> KGlobalSettings::animationsEnabledDefault();? why does it need to be
> exposed separately from animationsEnabled()? all the use cases i can think
> of should just use animationsEnabledDefault, but you probably have some use
> cases that haven't occured to me yet. ...

The idea is not to give this time a "Default" like "true". Maybe our KDE desktop 
is being shown through KRDC and we do not want to bother the user with our anima
tions, so in such cases maybe we can make it the default as "false". The idea is 
not to have a simple "true" as default value, but let it depend on our situation

Rafael Fernández López.

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