[PATCH] Previews in KDirOperator

Peter Penz peter.penz at gmx.at
Fri Feb 15 12:38:26 GMT 2008

Hello Jon,

> We know KDirOperator offers two kind of views to
> the user, Simple and Detailed views. I thought that
> we could add another one, a view with previewed icons,
> as you can see in dolphin or other systems like Windows.
> I hope you can try it and tell me what is wrong or how
> could I improve it, also I hope this is useful for
> everybody and accepted to commit it.

Thanks for the patch, the code looks OK from my point of view. Some nitpicking things:

* we should use KFileItemDelegate instead of the default item delegate

* hardcoded values (30):
+    setGridSize(QSize(KIconLoader::SizeHuge + 30, KIconLoader::SizeHuge + 30));
We should replace the hardcoded values by font dependent properties. The code in kdebase/apps/dolphin/src/dolphiniconsview.cpp might give some hints, although also the code in Dolphin currently assumes some things from KFileItemDelegate... But we can postpone this, but should add a remark in the meantime.

* if (d->previewJob != NULL)
Inside this file alway 0 is used instead of NULL, but this is really nitpicking...

I did the porting of KDirOperator from KDE 3 to KDE 4, but I don't see myself as maintainer of this class -> it would be great if somebody else could have a look on this changes too.

>From my point of view it is OK commiting this (in KDE 3 previews have been available too).


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