[PATCH] Previews in KDirOperator

Jon de Andrés Frias jondeandres.list at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 23:11:16 GMT 2008


We know KDirOperator offers two kind of views to the user, Simple and Detailed 
views. I thought that we could add another one, a view with previewed icons, 
as you can see in dolphin or other systems like Windows. So we can see 

Well, i've written a patch to add this new view to KDirOperator, you can 
select Simple, Detailed or Preview view in the filewidget toolbar or in the 
context menu. Actually i've hardcoded the size for the items and the setup 
for the gridsize.

Actually there are no way to do "zoom in/out" in the view, i think that two 
options "zoom in" and "zoom out" could be added to the context menu and the 
toolbar menu and be enabled when the Preview view is selected.

I hope you can try it and tell me what is wrong or how could I improve it, 
also I hope this is useful for everybody and accepted to commit it.

Jon de Andrés Frías
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