[PATCH] Qt 4.4 - Fix alien widgets in Dolphin

Robert Knight robertknight at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 21:27:25 GMT 2008


After the update to Qt 4.4 Dolphin was not benefiting from alien
(non-X11 window) widgets because of a call to QWidget::winId() on the
main view widgets inside KIO which forces the creation of a native X11

This can be traced back to calls in Dolphin to
KDirLister::setMainWindow(widget) where 'widget' was the viewing area.
 The attached patch replaces this with setMainWindow(topLevelWidget())
where needed.

Since the actual call to winId() happens deep inside KIO, perhaps it
would be better to put a fix there and only ever get winIds for
top-level widgets to prevent applications doing this accidentally.

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