Listing and unmounting GVFS mounts in KDE

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Sun Feb 10 17:42:20 GMT 2008


For the record I also got that discussion partly in private (but I wrote my 
replies off-line which probably explains why I see that on list again), I'll 
state my opinion again there. :-)

Le Saturday 09 February 2008, nf2 a écrit :
> Trying to move on with my experimental kio-giobridge i'm facing a little
> problem:
> 1) Where to list network mounts
> 2) Present them in a way that users can "unmount" them via the context
> menu.
> They could be listed in remote:// (that's what i'm doing at the moment,
> but just as links) or in KFilePlacesModel.
> Listing them in remote:// would probably mean creating special desktop
> entry files on the fly, which somehow get recognized as virtual mount
> points and decorated with an "unmount" entry in the context menu (AFAIK
> for native mounts such special desktop entries exists).

That's IMO the preferred way since it fits with the way we deal with network 
folders in KDE today. That said, you're not really forced to create files on 
the fly, you can patch the ioslave itself.

> Having "mounted" vfs-items in KFilePlacesModel would also be nice, as
> GNOME also puts them into the file-manager/chooser side pane. The
> problem here is, that vfs mounts are neither bookmarks, nor Solid::Devices.

Honestly that's not a good reason enough, interoperability is not about 
UI-cloning IMO. Putting them in remote:/ is definitely the preferred way.

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