DrKonqui appearance (was: Re: New KMessageBox Style )

Diederik van der Boor vdboor at codingdomain.com
Thu Feb 7 00:09:06 GMT 2008

Op Tuesday 5 February 2008 14:09:41 schreef Robert Knight:
> Hi,
> > I've rewritten the error message there so it's imho more obvious to the
> > end user what has happened, and how to address the problem. I hope this
> > gives some inspiration to improve the dialog.
> The wording still needs adjustment for some users.  For example, what
> is a "fatal error"?  Did the program just kill somebody?  In Urs'
> screenshot, the dialog still has text about a "signal" and "SEGSEGV" .
> How the program actually died is not relevant to anyone other than the
> developer, all that everyone else knows is that it inconvenienced them
> and possibly lost some work.
> On a broader note, requiring the user to actually go to bugs.kde.org
> to file a report and copy in the backtrace probably means that the
> majority of crashes are never reported at all.  Windows has been
> sending automated crash reports for years now and I believe Gnome does
> as well.
> Regards,
> Robert.


You've got a good point here. Seams being a developer hurts now and then :)

One other thing to look at are the Mac OS crash dialogs. Below are two 
examples I managed to locate via google. The "Try Again" button seams like a 
nice feature to restart the app quickly.

The "Report" button opens a small textarea where you can type a description 
and see the additional data which will be submitted. Instead of "report" i'd 
call the button "continue" so it's the default you'll pick. The next page 
could display a "cancel" / "submit" button and an optional text area.




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