[PATCH] KHTML Fix scrollbar positions

Roman Jarosz R.Jarosz at sh.cvut.cz
Wed Feb 6 22:53:16 GMT 2008


I found a problem with incorrect scrollbars in KHTML. 

When we call KHTMLPart::begin in KHTMLPart that already has some contents and scrollbars
aren't at position 0 then clear() is called which sets contentsX and contentsY to 0 however
the scrollbars remain at old positions. So the contents is painted at offset 0,0
but the scrollbars are at old positions. (This happens in Kopete)

This patch sets also scrollbars to position 0.

I would commit it without asking but this behavior is different from KDE3.
In KDE3 the position isn't cleared. So do we want to clear the scrollbar positions or should
we instead remove the contentsX and contentsY clearing so the position is remembered?

Roman Jarosz
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