Gentoo patches for kdelibs and kdebase

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Mon Feb 4 22:49:21 GMT 2008

On Saturday 02 February 2008, Bo ├śrsted Andresen wrote:
> Gentoo currently applies these patches which were created by Ingmar
> Vanhassel and myself. They apply to both trunk and the 4.0.x branch. If you
> have any questions to these that aren't answered below please ask. :)
> kdelibs-9999.4-respect-destdir.patch
>    - Fixes a symlink creation that doesn't respect DESTDIR. This causes
>      sandbox violations in Gentoo where the root file system must not be
>      touched during compilation.

Looks good.

> kdebase-9999.4-opengl.patch
>    - Fixes compilation when opengl is disabled. Removes a redundant
> occurrance of macro_optional_find_package(OpenGL). That cmake file
> currently has it twice.

Why are the tests 
necessary ?
Ah, I guess if this is disabled the test succeeds anyway, which probably leads 
to some unwanted paths in the code to be compiled ?
also work ? This would be a bit more general.

> The following four patches fix automagic detection of dependencies, that
> cause optional features to be enabled. Gentoo dependencies have to be
> deterministic, meaning we do not rely on the buildsystem doing
> autodetection, and we add cmake switches for all optional dependencies.
> Please see [1] for a more detailed explanation.
> kdelibs-9999.4-alsa-optional.patch
>    - Adds a WITH_Alsa switch to FindAlsa.cmake that makes it possible to
>      disable alsa.
> kdelibs-9999.4-X11-optional.patch
>    - Adds WITH_${_name} switch to FindX11.cmake. For instance
>      FIND_X11(X11_Xinerama X11/extensions/Xinerama.h Xinerama)
>      will result in a WITH_X11_Xinerama switch to disable xinerama support.
> kdebase-9999.4-pam-optional.patch
>    - Adds WITH_PAM switch that makes it possible to disable PAM.

The three patches above add an OPTION(WITH_Foo) to the respective 
FindFoo.cmake modules. I'm not sure this is a good idea, at least this is 
different than all existing FindXXX.cmake modules, and this is not good.
It also breaks with the "namespacing", i.e. the option variables start 
with "WITH_", instead of "FOO_" as all variables exported by a module should.
So I am against applying these three patches to svn.
Can you come up with a patch which does that in the CMakeLists.txt, i.e. not 
in the FindFoo.cmake modules ?

> dolphin-9999.4-make-semantic-desktop-optional.patch
>    - Makes Nepomuk and Soprano optional with macro_optional_find_package.
> This is particularly useful in Gentoo when Dolphin is built as a separate
> package and thus can be installed without Nepomuk.

This one looks good.

Thanks for the patches

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