A patchset for KSSL's error messages

David Faure faure at kde.org
Mon Feb 4 09:44:35 GMT 2008

kjavaappletserver.cpp.patch says
                                 text += i18n("PathLengthExceeded"); break;
                             case KSSLCertificate::InvalidCA:
                                 text += i18n("InvalidCA"); break;
-                            case KSSLCertificate::Expired:
-                                text += i18n("Expired"); break;
+                            case KSSLCertificate::GetIssuerCertFailed:
+                                text += i18n("GetIssuerCertFailed"); break;
+                            case KSSLCertificate::DecodeIssuerPublicKeyFailed:
+                                text += i18n("DecodeIssuerPublicKeyFailed"); break;

I can see that the problem predates your patch, but this still looks very wrong to me:
those strings, marked as "to be translated", are not in a form that is user-readable
in english, in the first place.
Shouldn't they be more like i18n("Decode Issuer Public Key Failed") -- or an even-more
readable version of this if you can provide one, something like i18n("Failed to decode the issuer's public key") ?

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