New class KWidgetBlendAnimation

Allen Winter winter at
Sun Feb 3 13:24:32 GMT 2008

On Thursday 31 January 2008 06:43:55 Matthias Kretz wrote:
> Hi,
> while playing with possible UI effects I think I found a rather useful one:
> Fade UI changes.
> I think it is useful because sometimes the UI changes are too fast for the
> user to notice that clicking on something at one point changes a widget
> somewhere else. If the widget "somewhere else" uses a fade animation of
> 250ms the change suddenly becomes a lot more noticable.
> My suggestion for uses of this class therefore is not just eye-candy but
> more importantly to emphasize: Hey, your click changed something here!
> The class is attached. Please comment on the naming, usefulness, dox and
> whether we want to have it in kdeui for 4.1. (I want to use it in my Phonon
> KCM unless I can be convinced that there's a better UI hint than this
> animation).

No objections, since:
1) you already committed it into phonon/kcm
2) nobody has objected
3) Urs already likes it
4) the dox look complete
5) there are no Krazy issues (but phonon does have a few)

Monday (tomorrow) would be a good time to move it.

You know.. it would be really cool if you could make a movie of this
widget in action and somehow add it to the apidox.


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