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pinheiro nuno at
Sat Feb 2 13:44:19 GMT 2008

Em Sábado, 2 de Fevereiro de 2008 12:49, o Eike Hein escreveu:
> Pino Toscano wrote:
> > I think that overlapping "important" text on transparent icons just make
> > worse the readability of the text itself.
> I agree.
> There's also a bit of progressive disclosure going on in a
> message box between the two pieces of data in it, the icon
> and the message: The icon serves as a primer of what kind
> of message to expect, and the message delivers the details.
> Having both clearly visible and the icon on the left of
> the text (or on the right, in RTL) makes sense, then, and
> moving both into the same bounding rect and fading out the
> icon doesn't.
> I realize we're all on the lookout for how to make things
> prettier with Qt 4's cool new abilities, but there's such
> a thing as trying to hard.

No there is not, there is just, not trying hard enough :)
We will keep on trying.

Let's make all things we do has good as possible...
And them make them beter.


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