New KMessageBox Style

Dmitry Suzdalev dimsuzkde at
Sat Feb 2 16:36:52 GMT 2008

On Saturday 02 February 2008 12:59:41 pinheiro wrote:
> I have been working with this with Urs Wolfer, and one thing i noteced was
> the pour quality of the text's. Not the english of it ofcourse (coming from
> me that is a joke.)
> But what you have just said, they tend to be blocks of solid text that are
> very tecnical and hard to read.. In other casees they are just a single of
> text that tells you nothing...

Agreed. That's because some of them tend to be written by developers with 
developer mindset ;) When writing such messages we all should have our users 
in mind in the first place. The users who might not have such a strong 
technical background as devs have.

In the software of company I work for we have a special message box class that 
displays message boxes with short and long message parts. The short one is 
general description of what have happened (shown with bold font), the long one 
contains more detailed explanation for the user (shown with normal font). Long 
one could be omitted of course, but this is discouraged.

I think that this is a very nice idea.
Users who don't care about details (or experienced ones or lazy ones) can read 
just the bold short text. Others might feel need for more detailed explanation 
which is provided just below.

Perhaps we can have something like this too (with long description being 

I'm aware that there's a possibility to show "More details" section in KDE 
message box. I'm speaking about different type of error presentation - a 
permanent one (but still showed only if provided by developer)


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