reduced link interface: some link breakage possible

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Mon Dec 15 22:43:52 GMT 2008

A Dilluns 15 Desembre 2008, Alexander Neundorf va escriure:
> Hi,
> I just committed a patch which enables the reduced link interface for
> shared libraries unconditionally for all libs created using
> So if you suddenly get some undefined symbols when linking, this may very
> well be the reason.
> What to do then ?
>  1.) Don't panic !
>  2.) You are probably using symbols from some library which you don't link
> to directly, but which was dragged in via one of the other libraries you
> link to, and these "dragged in" libraries have now been mostly removed. In
> this case, add these missing libraries explicitely to the
> (because: less dependencies for packages, faster startup, some advantages
> in keeping binary compatiblity).
>  3.) If that doesn't help, ask on kde-core-devel or kde-buildsystem.
> I know it's late in the release cycle, but it wasn't possible earlier, and
> we can't wait any longer with this, so we have to go through this now.

Just a questions about this.

Is that reduced link interface a default cmake thing or something we have 
created in KDE? 

If the latter i want to express my concern into not using the default cmake 
commands but KDE custom ones as that makes the people that really known the 
system decrease.


> Hope that not too much breaks,
> Alex

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