reduced link interface: some link breakage possible

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Mon Dec 15 22:20:39 GMT 2008


I just committed a patch which enables the reduced link interface for shared 
libraries unconditionally for all libs created using KDE4_ADD_LIBRARY().

So if you suddenly get some undefined symbols when linking, this may very well 
be the reason.

What to do then ?
 1.) Don't panic !
 2.) You are probably using symbols from some library which you don't link to 
directly, but which was dragged in via one of the other libraries you link 
to, and these "dragged in" libraries have now been mostly removed.
In this case, add these missing libraries explicitely to the 
(because: less dependencies for packages, faster startup, some advantages in 
keeping binary compatiblity).
 3.) If that doesn't help, ask on kde-core-devel or kde-buildsystem.

I know it's late in the release cycle, but it wasn't possible earlier, and we 
can't wait any longer with this, so we have to go through this now.

Hope that not too much breaks,

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