Pixel-bug - KComboBox / KlineEdit / Oxygen style ?

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at web.de
Sat Dec 13 12:57:22 GMT 2008

Am Friday 12 December 2008 schrieb Matthew Woehlke:
> > qt::QFocusFrame? (in this case)

> Is that drawn /after/ the widget? If so, it would represent an
> improvement. (But wouldn't fix the widget not being able to paint its
> entire interior.) It would fix this particular bug, however.
your choice =D

> I'm talking specifically about the frame widgets in the color kcm
> preview. As of my build (which is from some time this week), those still
> fill too much. This would apply to any frame that needs to autofill in
> order to have its interior painted a different color; the kcm one
> happens to stick out.
ok, that's a different problem.
i solved it with a mask  and overlay frames (so it works with bespin) but 
afaik there's no clean way to do this (so telling the widget to use an alpha 
mask or mask that does /not/ affect style painting would be the way to do 


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