KCategorizedView - Feeling in heaven !

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Thu Dec 11 00:39:47 GMT 2008

Hi !

This is all about KCategorizedView, so if you aren't interested in it, you can 
just skip this mail =)

After Nuno has sent me his mockups I have realized that I was committing a 
pretty bad mistake. I was supposing a block is formed by:


where you could only draw on the "Category" rect, never getting into the Items 
rect. Now, this has changed =)

Look at his mockups:

2449 was meant for systemsettings, 24492 was meant for dolphin.

As a very first approach (a really fast coding) I wrote a new category drawer, 
by changing code on kcategorizedview and how sizes are managed.

Now the category drawer tells how much the header is on height, and that is 
_added_ to the block rect, which is passed to the drawCategory (the whole 
block, the category height + block rect).

This lets us to draw as on the mockup (on the left), or even, now thinking 
about it if sorting by type you could draw a fancy 0.10 alpha mimetype icon on 
the bottom right... I can try lots of things =)

How it is looking on real life ?

As a plus, I recorded a video so you can see (if you don't want to compile my 
git kdelibs and kdebase repo :P) the speed thingy i was talking about:

I am still working on it, and this will make it for 4.3. I love the quality 
this code took. I love it, really =)

At the very last part of this mail, I have thought maybe kcd people could be 
interested in reading this... so there we go too =)

If anyone out there feels like testing it...


PS: still some details need to be implemented, like keyboard navigation. I 
centered myself on the quality of the code, but it can as always be improved I 
guess... however it is for sure far better than the one we have.

PS2: I know changes are BIC. I will work on this issue just before getting it 
into kdelibs on SVN (which will happen with no rush at all, for 4.3 

PS3: Systemsettings looks horribly broken. Don't worry. It is because the 
category drawer it plain wrong there.

PS4: The category drawing code _will_ be improved, as I said, I just wanted to 
make sure I could get out of the "category height" bounds strictly talking.

Rafael Fernández López.
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