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Peter Penz peter.penz at gmx.at
Sun Dec 7 14:51:54 GMT 2008

On Sunday, 7. December 2008 15:37:19 Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> A Diumenge 07 Desembre 2008, Nick Shaforostoff va escriure:
> > i'm going to remove this page today, as it has no effect. instead,
> > options from dolphin kcm are used instead (i've just tested that).
> >
> > http://youonlylivetwice.info/kcmpreview-die.png
> > http://youonlylivetwice.info/kcmpreview-replacement.png
> I disagree, fix the bug instead of bypassing it.

As Konqueror uses Dolphin for this file management part, it would be necessary 
to adjust Dolphin in this case. From a users point of view this is for sure a 
bug, but from an implementation point of view it is a new feature which I'd 
like to implement in KDE 4.3 in a clean way instead of pushing it into KDE 

Judging from the bug reports this feature is not critical and from my point of 
view it is OK to remove the nonfunctional kcmpreview for KDE 4.2.

Best regards,

> Albert

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