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Jordi Polo mumismo at
Wed Dec 3 11:31:40 GMT 2008

> daap kioslave: 1 open bug. Why not move it to kioslaves?
> I guess you mean "kio" (which includes many kioslaves, a naming that always
> confused me a bit,
> imho the product should be kioslave, and kio the lib should not be
> kio/general, but kdelibs/kio...)
> But I'm not sure I can move components between products.... I don't see how
> that would be possible, in fact,
> apart from heavy (and dangerous) command-line mysql usage.

Yes, I meant kio (but yes, kioslaves sounded more natural). I am not sure
bug reporters can distinguish between the kioslaves and kdelibs/kio library.

Is moving all the wish to a new type of bug called feature request really a
good idea?  (I just took a look to today and almost fainted :P)

Jordi Polo Carres
NLP laboratory - NAIST
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