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David Nolden zwabel at
Mon Dec 1 13:49:43 GMT 2008

Hi fellow KDE developers!

I've read the release plan on the wiki, and it says that only bugfixes are 
allowed in the currect cycle. Now we have a few shared bugs between 
kdevelop/kate that could either be fixed the wrong way on one of the sides by 
adding more hacks, or the right way by allowing better interaction between 
both sides.

This is mainly about "simple" code-completion logic, eg. when is it triggered, 
when is it stopped, and when text is used for filtering. Currently these are 
hardcoded within kate, while actually that logic is specific for each kind of 
completion and language. So Niko Sams has come up with a patch to solve the 
problem. We have discussed, and came to the conclusion that while this could 
be solved with one single additional signal in 
KTextEditor::CodeCompletionModel, a new interface would be the much cleaner 

However we also want KDevelop4 to be compatible with KDE 4.2, since that's 
hopefully what will be out when KDevelop 4.0 is released.

So would it be ok adding the following interface in the current freeze state?

A few points why this is not too dangerous:
- All the affected code is, from what I know, currently _exclusively_ used by 
KDevelop, so the danger of breaking any other applications, even when 
problems should arise, is close to zero.
- KDevelop is already now used as main editor/IDE by many developers, and 
we'll start using this interface right away should it be added. This means 
that it may get the testing it needs during the months until KDE 4.2 release.

Greetings, David
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